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  • Departure & arrival point, city center of Sapporo
  • Multilingual guided system equipped
    (Japanese, English and Chinese)
  • Courses are carefully planned by professionals of Hokkaido tours.
  • Meals made from ingredients of Hokkaido
  • Buses are operated by JR Hokkaido bus,the company of the reliable JR group.
  • JR Hokkaido bus authorized by NIHON BUS ASSOCIATION(NBA) as a safe bus company with 3 stars.

Information about the bus

▲45-seater super high-decker ▲a coach whose inside is safe and comfotable ▲11-row 45-seater (excluding spare seats)

JR Hokkaido bus has been authorised as a safe bus company by the committee of Japan Bus Association that manages a certification system for a safety assesment.
  • 从札幌 出发和到达
  • 搭载多国语言语音导航系统(日语·英语·中文)
  • 由北海道当地的专业人士精挑细选的各条线路
  • 各线路都附有使用北海道产食材的精选餐饮
  • 提供巴士运行的是值得信赖的[JR北海道巴士]
  • JR北海道巴士获得[包车营业安全评价三星认定


▲45人座的super high decker ▲安全舒适的车内环境 ▲11列45席型(补助座位除外)

  • 從札幌 出發和到達
  • 搭載多國語言語音導航系統(日語·英語·中文)
  • 由北海道當地的專業人士精挑細選的多條線路
  • 各線路都附有使用北海道產食材的精選餐飲
  • 提供巴士運行的是值得信賴的[JR北海道巴士]
  • JR北海道巴士獲得[包車營業安全評價三星認定


▲45人座的super high decker ▲安全舒適的車內環境 ▲11列45席型(補助座位除外)