• Corporate profile

Corporate profile

Trade name Hokkaido Optional Tours Co.,Ltd.,(Governor of Hokkaido registered travel agency No.2-626)
An English company name Hokkaido Optional Tours Co., Ltd.
The date of foundation 17 Apr.2012
Location of head office 1st floor, Sapporo 2・2 Bldg. Kita-2,Nishi-2 Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Representative Representative director Shuji Ochiai
Place of business Head office
Address:1st floor, Sapporo 2・2 Bldg. Kita-2,Nishi-2 Chuo-ku, Sapporo
A regular member of All Nippon Travel Association
Certified travel service supervisor
Makoto Nishimura
business commencement date Operation of optional tours starts from 15 Jul.2012
Content of the businesses 1.Travel Agency stipulated in Article 2 of the Travel Agency Law
2.Production & sale of grocery ,beverage,Local noted product,souveniors,clothing and daily necessaries
3.Necessities of hotels & inns etc.
4.Sale & delibery of travel goods & souveniors, and rental of travel goods
5.Undertaking of the task of planning and operation regarding such events as various conferences etc. inside and outside the country