• Tour points / Reservation

Tour points

  • One day bus tours from Sapporo
  • Multilingual guided system equipped
    (Japanese, English, Chinese)
  • Courses are carefully planned by professionals of Hokkaido tours.
  • Some courses provide meals made
    from ingredients of Hokkaido
  • Bus Tours by JR Hokkaido bus authorized
    by NIHON BUS ASSOCIATION(NBA) as a safe bus company with 3 stars.



Please fill in an application form for a reservation. A resevation must be made at least 2 days before the departure date no later than 6:00 p.m. An application must be made after reading tour conditions.


Settlement of tour fares will be done by a credit card.


Pleease check a meeting time of a course written in a pamphlet and come to a meeting point below.
Meeting point: Points change depending on courses.Please refer to the following.

【Regular course】【HOT BUS special course】
HOT BUS Tour counter next to front desk of Sapporo Grand Hotel,1F North 1, West 4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

4. Cancellation / Change

Cancellation and change may be accepted by email or telephone.When an email is received after business hours, the mail will be handled on next day.And please keep in mind the rate of cancellation charge may be changed.

Introduction of bus

Tours are carried out by the operation of a reliable JR group "JR Hokkaido bus".
The following is an example of a bus with 11-rows, 45-seats type.

45-seater super high-decker
a coach whose inside is safe and comfotable
an 11-row 45-seater
(except spare seats)

JR Hokkaido bus has been authorised as a safe bus company
by the committee of Japan Bus Association that manages a certification system for a safety assesment.